We are happy to announce the election of Daniel Linzell, Robert Tremblay and Donald White to the 2016 SSRC Executive Committee. We’d like to thank Donald Sherman and Andrea Surovek for their past service to the Executive Committee.

The 8th International Conference on Steel and Aluminium Structures (ICSAS 2016) will be held in Hong Kong from December 7 to 9, 2016.  The ICSAS 2016 conference (www.civil.hku.hk/ICSAS2016/) is organised by the Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Hong Kong.  You are welcome to submit and present your papers at the ICSAS 2016 conference in Hong Kong.

The deadline of abstract submission is November 30, 2015.
You can submit abstracts to www.civil.hku.hk/ICSAS2016/submit_abstracts.html

Three papers will be selected for the following awards:

  • Best Steel Structures Paper Award
  • Best Aluminium Structures Paper Award
  • Best Composite Structures Paper Award

Seven ICSAS Conferences have been successfully held in Cardiff, UK (1987), Singapore (1991), Istanbul, Turkey (1995), Helsinki, Finland (1999), Sydney, Australia (2003), Oxford, UK (2007) and Kuching, Malaysia (2011).  The conference aims at bringing international experts and leaders together to disseminate recent research findings in the fields of steel and aluminium structures.  It will also provide a forum for the discussion of developments in the design and construction of steel and aluminium structures.

Best regards,

Ben Young

ICSAS 2016 Conference Chair

The 7th International Conference on Coupled Instabilities in Metal Structures (CIMS2016) will be held 7-8 November 2016 in Baltimore Maryland and hosted by Conference Chair Benjamin W. Schafer, Professor at Johns Hopkins University, Director of the Cold-Formed Steel Research Consortium, North American Editor of the Thin-walled Structures journal, and Chair of the Structural Stability Research Council. Abstracts are due by 31 December 2015 and full details are at the conference website www.ce.jhu.edu/cims2016. The International Specialty Conference on Cold-Formed Steel Structures will immediately follow CIMS2016, at the same location, more information here.

CIMS 2016 call for papers