As stated in its mission, the Structural Stability Research Council is dedicated to encouraging and cultivating research in the area of structural stability of steel and steel-concrete composite structures. The Council is interested in all aspects of stability research from around the world including studies involving analytical, computational, and/or experimental methods focused on stability. The Council is interested in all applications for aluminum, steel and steel-concrete composite structures where stability is of concern including buildings, bridges, industrial structures, pipelines, tanks, towers – and other applications and scales. The Council is interested in progress in the area of structural stability made in recently completed or ongoing studies, as well as in historical perspectives.

The Council provides a number of venues for dissemination and discussion of stability research. The most important venues for the work of the Council are the Task Groups. The Task Groups cover a wide variety of important research areas in structural stability, and provide a means for the Council members to discuss, collaborate, and synthesize the world’s research on structural stability. In addition, the Council provides the world’s only annual conference dedicated to structural stability through the SSRC Annual Stability Conference held in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference. SSRC members share their latest research at the conference and contribute to the annual proceedings. The SSRC has also provided a newsletter in the past and now an online news series that provides brief summaries of current research from SSRC members.