Teaching Aids

Many members of the Structural Stability Research Council are passionate about stability education. Ways to improve stability education and tools to assist students and engineers in understanding stability phenomena are a common topic in SSRC Task Groups, and all are encouraged to participate in this activity. Although the SSRC itself does not directly provide Teaching Aids for stability, many of its members do. The list below provides some of the contributions from SSRC members that are useful in educating and understanding the stability of steel and steel-concrete composite structures.

SSRC members that want to have their contributions added to this list should contact us.

Teaching Aid Contributions

Resource and Link  Description  SSRC Member
Mastan2 Structural stability of frames Ziemian, Ron
GBTUL 2.0 Stability of thin-walled members Camotim, Dinar
CUFSM Stability of thin-walled members Schafer, Ben
UT Bridge Three-dimensional FEA program for Evaluation of bridge erection analyses Helwig, Todd
UT Lift EXCEL spreadsheet for evaluation of behavior of bridge girder during lifting Helwig, Todd
BASP Program for evaluating buckling behavior of plates, columns, beams Yura, Joseph