TG02 Members: Stability of Steel Members

Mission statement: TG02 is dedicated to the encouragement and dissemination of fundamental research on member stability and its impact on the design of structures. TG02 focuses on providing a forum for discussing these issues at its meetings and in the Annual Stability Conference, prepares state‑of‑the‑art reports summarizing existing knowledge, procedures and practices in member stability, and in particular maintains sections of the Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures related to member stability.

Chair: Dr. Craig Quadrato, Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc. (current term: May 2017 - May 2020)
Vice-chair: Dr. Anthony Battistini, George Mason University (current term: May 2016 - May 2019)

Current Activities:
Evaluation of recent provisions changes in AISC
Discussion of Ojalvo Hypothesis on Angles
Collection of new research for updating bibliography in the SSRC Guide

Roster: A roster of current members and corresponding members is maintained by SSRC.

Participate: SSRC members interested in joining this Task Group should contact SSRC or the Chair directly. New members are subject to approval by the SSRC Executive Committee. Non-SSRC members interested in the activities of this task group should join the mailing list of the TG. This TG meets in-person at the SSRC Annual Meetings on the Tuesday preceding the SSRC Annual Stability Conference, which is held annually in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference.

TG02 News

  • Research Spotlight: Design Method for Columns with Intermediate Elastic Torsional Restraint

    2017 Annual Stability Conference Presentation Session S7 – Stability of Columns Thursday, March 23, 2017 1:15 pm Design Method for Columns with Intermediate Elastic Torsional Restraint Cold-formed steel haunched portal frames are popular structures in industrial and housing applications. They are mostly used as sheds, garages, and shelters, and are common in rural areas. Cold-formed […]