TG04 Stability of Metal Bridges and Bridge Components

Mission statement: TG 04 Stability of Metal Bridges and Bridge Components, provides a broad forum for technical discussions and development of model provisions for structural stability problems related to metal bridges and bridge components. The Task Group serves its members and friends by synthesizing and providing a critical review of current knowledge in the area of stability of metal bridges and bridge components, as well as developing recommended procedures for the solution of stability problems in practice related to the Task Group's mission. This knowledge is disseminated through Task Group participation in annual conferences, workshops, and publication of the authoritative "Guide to Stability Design Criteria for Metal Structures" and the Annual Stability Conference proceedings.

Chair: Prof. Telmo Andrés Sánchez, Universidad San Francisco de Quito (current term: September 2016 - September 2019)

Vice-chair: Asst. Prof. Qiuhong Zhao, Tianjin University (current term: May 2015 - May 2018)

Current Activities:

Continue and expand initial reviews of SSRC Guide Ch. 6 (Plate Girders) in anticipation of publishing 7th Ed.
Initiate reviews of Chs 7, 9, 12 in anticipation of 7th Ed.
Coordination of activities with TRB, AASHTO/NSBA, ASCE, AISC, IABMAS, etc

Roster: A roster of current members and corresponding members is maintained by SSRC.

Participate: SSRC members interested in joining this Task Group should contact SSRC or the Chair directly. New members are subject to approval by the SSRC Executive Committee. Non-SSRC members interested in the activities of this task group should join the mailing list of the TG. This TG meets in-person at the SSRC Annual Meetings on the Tuesday preceding the SSRC Annual Stability Conference, which is held annually in conjunction with NASCC: The Steel Conference.

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